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Ver Post - 07/16/2012


Superstudio - Endless grid, 1969 

In the late 1960′s, a group of radical Florentine architects by the name of Superstudio proposed a continuos monument, to wrap the world in an endless grid. This typology would produce a series of fantastical world which was depicted in their drawings as a  superstructure built over existing natural landscapes.

The grid is, above all, a conceptual speculation…in its indifference to topography, to what exists, it claims the superiority of mental construction over reality”  - Rem Koolhaas, Delerious New York

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Tags:      superstudio      architecture      drawing      collage      others futures     

Ver Post - 07/02/2012

Zardoz. John Boorman. 1974.

Una película de ciencia ficción protagonizada por Sean Conery. Hay similitudes con la obra de Superstudio y archigram, plataformas y naturaleza, estructuras neumáticas sobre la antigua ciudad.

(Fuente: alstrailerpark, vía sfgsandbox)

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Tags:      architecture      archigram      superstudio      plataformas      estructuras neumáticas      ciencia-ficción      others futures      cinema      film     

Ver Post - 12/26/2011

Superstudio, First City: 2,000-ton City, 1971

Superstudio, First City: 2,000-ton City, 1971

(Fuente: analogia)

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Tags:      architecture      drawing      superstudio     
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